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Um forum onde podes falar do que te apetecer sempre que quiseres diverte-te :D
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Lunakinesis Empty
MensagemAssunto: Lunakinesis   Lunakinesis EmptyDom Fev 08, 2009 8:08 am

Clouding is one of the first steps to learning lunakinesis. Because learning lunakinesis is difficult you may become frustrated and choose to give up, but all it takes is patience, consentration, and an open mind. Do the following steps in order and you should acheive results if not, don't give up!

1. Meditate for about half an hour.
2. Go outside during dusk. take a pillow, lounge chair, food drinks, pillow, blankets, whatever you need to feel comfortable, it doesnt matter.
3. Look at the moon and begin watching it, if you notice visable clouds nearby try to focus on forcing them toward the moon.
4. Keep doing this until you begin to notice changes, after awhile the moon should have disapeared behind the clouds.

This may take days, weeks, months, it depends on the individual.
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