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Cryokinesis Empty
MensagemAssunto: Cryokinesis   Cryokinesis EmptyDom Fev 08, 2009 8:05 am


control over ice and sub-zero temperatures

What is cryokinesis? Part ice element, and part psychic. An example of powerfull cryokinesis is subzero, from mortal combat. It litterally is the manipulation of, and control over, ice. Here are some abilities that will come from practicing cryokinesis:

1. Drop temperatures in a room.
2. make someone cold, but nobody else.
3. create frost.
4. turn water to ice.
5. create ice.
6. project ice at an opponent.
7. cause an opponent to suffer from hypothermia.
8. metabollic freazing if someone/thing(turn to ice)

Those are a few of the main things people aim for. But I've only met one person who can turn ITEMS to ice. I have only reached the ability to cause hypothermia, along with being able to emmit mist from my body.

Here are a few techniques I have developed, as I have only seen one other place on the web that provides info on cryokinesis.

Propper preperation:
Your body needs to be in the right condition in order to be able to safely perform cryokinesis, for if one is propperly conditioned, he/she is immuned to the effects of ice.
Start out by Taking a peice of ice and holding it in both your hands. Keep your fist clenched around the ice, and don't let go, no matter how much it hurts. Time yourself for one minute. After a minute, you may release the ice cube. Do this five times a day. After a week, extend the time to two minutes. After another week, extend it to three minutes. Then after a month, keep the ice cube in your hand untill it melts. Make sure you condition both hands equally. Durring this two month period, also begin taking cold baths. Lower the temperature of the water, every week that you extend the time you hold on to the ice cube.
After this training period of about two months, you body should be conditioned to withstand hostile temperatures. You can only manipulate ice as much as you body can handle.

Standard Ice Ball:
Stand in a grounded position. Place your hands out in front of your navel(belly-button). Shape them just as you would if you were creating a ki or psi ball. Now visualize the water element all around you, flowing in between your hands. Then visualize a cold gust of wind sweeping across and forming the water into ice. Force the ice into a ball between your hands, and let the ice keep materializing in between your hands, untill you've made a complete ball. There should a cold point in the center of your palms. This is where the ice element power is actually produced.

Dropping the temperature in a room:
Stand in a comfortable position, and feel out the energy around you. Then begin to focus on the temperature of the room you are in. This works best if the temperature is already a little cold. Now visualize the air getting colder, and the energy freezing into ice. It helps to picture a thermometer dropping. Then begin to visualize waves of ice emmiting from your body, and going through the entire room. If succsessfull, the room should get a little cooler.

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