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Um forum onde podes falar do que te apetecer sempre que quiseres diverte-te :D
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MensagemAssunto: Aerokinesis   Aerokinesis EmptyDom Fev 08, 2009 8:04 am


The Control over wind

Wind Summon:
Stand in a comfortable position with your hands by your waists. If you can, try to go into a standing meditation if you want a greater effect. Now visualize the power of the four winds(north, south, east, and west). Picture them being attached by "strings" to your hands, so that you may move the winds as you please. At this point, with the strings still in mind, slowly begin to raise your hands. This will cause the winds to be drawn towards you. As your hands raise, wind should kick up. Repeat the process once your hands are above your head if you wish to create more wind.

Air purification:
A very hard technique to pull off currecly. If done, even the most toxic of air can be morphed into pure oxygen. Stand in a comfortable position, arms crossed at the waist. Now continue on to creating a sheild. Add as much energy as you feel is needed for the goven situation. Visualize it filled with pure air. Also focus on the edge of the sheild as a sucktion device, pulling in the air around you, and releasing as regular air. When finished, let the sheild merge with the air around you.

(aguarda-se a traduçao..paciencia Razz ) e caso queiram acrexentar mais tecnicas ou informaçao sobre o tema tejam a vontade!
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