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Mental Powers

Method 1-Telekinesis Wall:
Sit down and stare at the object that you wish to move. Now, with any type of energy, start making a wall of energy in front of you. When the wall is finished, visualize it as a wall of glass. Put your hand(s) out in front of you and shoot out a little ki to push the wall. Send the wall crashing into the object. With any luck, the item will budge a little. Start with something small, like a cheap plastic ring.

Method 2-Will power:
Once again, get in a relaxed state in front of the item. Close your eyes and become familiar with the energy in that room. With your eyes still closed, visualize the object SLOWLY start to move. Re-run the event over and over again in your mind. Open your eyes and see if there was an effect. If there wasn't, then you either didn't put enough time into it, or you don't meditate enough to have a clear mind.

Method 3-Mental Hand:
Close your eyes and relax in front of the object. Focus on your aura. Visualize a hand coming from your brain. As it comes out, so is your aura. Slowly lead the hand towards the object. Lead the hand as you would any other. Let it grasp the object. Make it have a tight grip. Now SLOWLY push/pull the object. If your concentration is good enough, you can even try picking it up to make the item float. Open your eyes and look at what is happening.

Spoon Bending:
Meditation required before performance:5-10
Pick up a spoon and hold it in your dominant hand. Hold it so that your thumb is placed against the handle just before the spoon-head, and the other 4 placed against the back. Close your eyes and feel out the energy around you. Close your eyes. Start rubbing your thumb up and down on the spoon. After about a minute, the spoon will start to feel warm. In your mind, visualize the thumb and spoon merging together. At this point, your thumb should be the spoon, and the spoon part of your hand(in your mind). Now bend the spoon like you would bend your thumb. Open your eyes and see if you were succesful.

Psi Wheel:
Take a small object and tie it to a string. Hold the string by the tip so that the item dangles at the bottom. Now Visualize the object twirling in a circle. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HANDS! It should begin to rotate in a circular motion. This is an excellent technique for developing will power.

Mind Over Matter

Telekinesis - also known as psychokinesis - is rarely studied as an actual human ability. It is recognized as a natural ability by some scientists but many believe it is something that can not be done. The ability of telekinesis is to "will" an object to move. There is no "force" involved just communication. Many will attempt telekinesis and try to "force" an object to move. This usually results in a headache and frustration.

Performing Telekinesis
There are many different aspects that can aid in performing telekinesis. These are:

Relaxing (same as meditation)
Practicing for short periods of time
Patience (it probably won't happen right away)
Perserverance (keep trying but don't over do it)
Practicing alone
Trying different objects to practice with

First step to trying telekinesis is to start small. Working with a candle flame or a pendulum is best to start with.
Candle flame - watch a candle and "will" it to move in certain directions. i.e. spins, leans left or right, grow bigger/taller.
Once the candle flame is following what you ask of it try having it shrink to a small little point. If you can get the flame to shrink and put itself out then you can move onto solid objects. Don't blow the candle out though, that's just cheating.
Pendulum - use a medium height table or dresser and a stick. Place the stick on the table and weight it down so it won't fall off the table or roll. Then get out your pendulum. You can buy a pendulum or make one. Place the pendulum on the stick and let it hang freely away from the table. Now "will" the pendulum to swing but don't touch it or blow on it. Try to have the pendulum swing in small or large circles, swing back and forth or have it stop once you've got it swinging.
After you can have the pendulum move at will then move onto solid ojects.

Solid Objects - using smaller objects such as pens, coins, marbles or pins/needles is best. Just move up from smaller sizes to larger objects.

Developing telekinesis is similar to weight lifting. You don't go into a gym and start lifting the largest weights first day.

(iremos tarduzi-lo para Portugues Wink )
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